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Hi, my name is Marietta and I am the founder of Cheeky Nibble...

Cheeky Nibble was born because I wanted to recreate my childhood happiness of enjoying truly delicious breakfast cereal while reading my morning comic. 

All my flavours are inspired by the nostalgic British desserts of my childhood and my favourite adult treats, making my granola a fun, indulgent and delicious start to your morning. No need to root around looking for those elusive oat clusters any more! At Cheeky Nibble every box guarantees the BIG CRUNCHY CLUSTERS that we all love.

However, the big clusters serve a greater purpose than just a delicious crunch. They are perfectly snackable and ideal for a  mid-workout munch, or cheeky nibble on the go.  I am autistic and have Tourettes Syndrome, (this means I get involuntary tics when I'm anxious). Fortunately, I found the act of baking and exercise helps reduce my anxiety and improve my mental health. This led to me combining my two passions: baking granola that was chunky enough to take with me to the gym in flavours that were nostalgic to me and brought comfort and a smile. I really wanted to share this joy with more people, and so, Cheeky Nibble was born! 

All my granola is vegan, gluten free and nut-free, and with 100% compostable packaging, you can have an indulgent breakfast, with a clear conscience. Making Cheeky Nibble the delicious AND ethical choice. 

I hope you enjoy my Cheeky Nibble creations as much as I do.

Nibble Away! ​

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Cherries Dessert
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